Melbourne Sorrento's Back Beach

by Nichapha art


Experience pure tranquillity on a grand scale with 'Melbourne Sorrento's Back Beach,' a mesmerizing 90x90cm artwork by Nichapha that brings this coastal paradise to life. Using a mix of acrylic and soft pastel, Nichapha expertly crafts texture and depth, creating a serene escape.

The scene reveals the rugged allure of the beach, with sunlight and shadows masterfully portrayed through acrylic's impasto style. Soft pastel details enhance the tactile sensation, drawing you into the calm breeze and sunlit landscape.

Colors echo those from Nichapha's earlier beach pieces, weaving a sense of harmony throughout the collection. Complementary shades meld to evoke a soothing ambiance, offering an opportunity to find solace and peace within the coastal scenery.

'Melbourne Sorrento's Back Beach' at 90x90cm invites you to pause, immerse yourself, and relish a moment of natural bliss on a larger canvas. Through acrylic and soft pastel, the artwork encapsulates the serene beauty of this hidden beach retreat.

Original acrylic paint on canvas, ready to hang
90cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 5cm (D)

Signed on the front.

• Vanished for protection

• Comes with the Certificate of authenticity