Journey Along the Great Ocean Road

by Nichapha art


Embark on a visual adventure with "Journey Along the Great Ocean Road." 🎨 This acrylic, 77x77cm on canvas, captures the allure of Melbourne's dream destination—the Twelve Apostles.

Vivid strokes of sky blue meet warm red-brown, mirroring the land and sea. Experience the freedom of the open sky and the rugged charm of the coast.

The iconic Twelve Apostles stand as timeless witnesses against the ever-changing sky. Let this artwork inspire your wanderlust and remind you of the beauty that awaits on the road less travelled. 🚗🌅 #GreatOceanRoad #ArtisticAdventure

Original acrylic paint on canvas, ready to hang
77cm (W) x 77cm (H) x 5cm (D)

Signed on the front.

• Vanished for protection

• Comes with the Certificate of authenticity